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Stand out and tell your story!

Build your brand, connect and engage with your audience.

With high level personal brand photography



“People buy from the people they know, like and trust” 

People follow people, not brands! In this social media era, we want to know who we are buying from,

we want to know and follow people with whom we feel or want a connection.

Successful entrepreneurs know that by growing their personal brand, they can achieve a better connection

with their audience and increase their following and yes…their profits.

Having something in common with our audience, even if its just sharing a common experience, lets your followers identify with you and makes them feel familiarized with you…it empowers them and makes them feel like they know you.

But, as social media explodes with offers, audiences become more demanding…selfies, stock photos or random cellphone pictures don’t cut it anymore…

Stand out from all others!

This is where I come in…I am here for you, so you have the time to do what you like at the same time that you have a new photograph to post every day.


"Great to work with you Mireya! 

Thank you for minding my time and the treatment you gave me and my family.

Definitely not the traditional photoshoot!

Custom designed just for me! Love the result!

I hope to keep working with you to strengthen my personal brand"

Ursula Goulet

What I can do for you

I am Mireya

A photographer, graphic designer, mom, wife, daughter, sister... entrepreneur!

With over 20 year experience in client service and commercial and portrait photography under my belt, I find the new social media era has brought new challenges and needs to all, specially entrepreneurs!

Business is now conducted in a different way and consumers and audiences demand to know more about the people behind a brand or product. Personal Branding has become more important than ever! 


Social media is the way to reach out to audiences... but the tool, the main tool is photography!

And selfies and stock photo or random images of our day to day do not cut it anymore!

Defining what kind of photo to publish or getting the right photo is sometimes a hassle?

Taking selfies or having a friend take a picture of you with their cellphones not working out the way you want?

Are they getting more conversions? Are they showcasing your brand or product the right way?

People follow people, their stories, they seek to connect! To "feel" the product or brand.

And this is where I come in... I will help you define your stories, portray them and convey a emotional connection with your audience.

So.. you're in a different level now! You need to get the job done! So do!  


Let's get you a personal branding photography session and get enough photos for you to post for months!

Specially designed and professionally done, customized to your very specific needs. Let's tell your story! 


So now you can dedicate your time to do your work without having to worry about the post of the day... and actually spend time with your family and doing more of what you love to do! 

Keep in mind:  Innovators, people who do things before everyone else always have the biggest impact!

So... just remember

Time is the one thing that cannot be produced! 

So let's make the most of it, contact me soon and let's get started!